About our logo — the right-hand symbol

Wind over mountain.

That’s what the symbol to the right of our logo means.

Wind over mountain, which, aside from being one of our favorite things (if you haven’t played around Sibley on a windy day, we don’t know what to tell you) is  used as a metaphor for “development as a gradual process.”

We think at a fast pace—wind.

Our output might be slow, frustratingly imperceptible, but when it finally shows up, it packs a wallop. That’s mountain.

Thoughts from the Tao to chew on:

- Adaptable gentleness is the outer form that proceeds from inner calm

- Perseverance alone prevents slow progress from dwindling to nothing*

- No sudden influence or awakening is of lasting effect

- All goes well. This is reliably true with a deft combination of these three things:

1) not deliberately pressing for conflict
2) maintaining your own position with confidence, and
3) responding against unfair attacks


And finally: 

For many years the woman is barren.
In the end no one can hinder her.
Good fortune.  

In other words: nevertheless, persist.



*Ed. Note: Word.



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