Cloves. For Drop the Mic Moments.

Clove mic

In the American South, cloves are known for their metaphysical ability to compel and command. Take a whole clove out of the jar in your spice rack to see why it probably got its reputation. Aside from its warm, woody scent, it looks like a serious weapon.

While you may certainly get your way by swinging a club around, you can avoid a lot of ill-will by simply using your words. 

In the image, I've wrapped a clove with copper wire, as a symbol of conduction and connection. With one end pointing up, the other pointing down, this mic broadcasts the right message at the right time, without interference. 

If you can get over your self-consciousness, speak into the mic. You have the floor, you have the spotlight, no hecklers present. No need to control, or get someone to "do your bidding," just simply get heard out. 

You can infuse the air with Resin Incense in Speakeasy to set the stage. Or just get to the kitchen and pull together some herbs of communication, like cinquefoil (a/k/a five finger grass), lavender, or parsley. 

To touch hardened hearts, create a simple "receiver" by binding two cloves together with wire (like rudimentary headphones), and speak through the mic like a tin-can walkie-talkie. 

2-clove receiver

Behave as though what has been said has been heard, and watch with wonder as the air clears. 


When you have no idea how you're going to get the point across.

You know the person who needs to hear it isn't going to listen. And even if they do, they'll misunderstand. 

Do you want to call them? Text? Run into them in an alley? 

Who knows?

You will. 

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