The Reason for Resins

Reveal the unseen

Somewhere between liquid and solid, transmuted by fire into smoke, resinous incense bridges our inner and outer worlds, inviting us to a study in real versus imagined, imagined versus manifest. 

Based on recipes from the southeastern American tradition and guided by Taoist principles, these substances blend together for truly powerful results.

Our blends are handcrafted in small batches and stashed in deep violet glass apothecary jars. These lightproof, airtight jars protect potency and adorn your altar, apothecary, or countertop with a classic, minimal design. 

"Incense is the easiest and most effective way of creating an energy field around you that is conducive to the level of consciousness you are seeking to touch. This also creates more resonance within you—assisting you in achieving that level more quickly."
—Ted Andrews

It is no coincidence that throughout time, resins have been seen as symbols of value and honor that have helped with discerning worthy goals and desires.

We have found that burning these resinous blends helps us reach a very important meditative state, the potency of which lingers long enough for us to mine the rich depths of key areas of our subconscious. 

With regular use of our resins, we've witnessed surprisingly rapid personal growth, with improved understanding of our own nature and place in the world.

Our resins are designed to support you to focus and act to achieve what you were put on this earth to do.

Break through patterns of self-delusion.

Define your worth. 



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