Worldwide Traditions: 10 Ways Incense Supports Meditation Practice

In 16th Century Japan, the Zen priests found that incense supported and enhanced their meditative practice. They noticed that scent had the ability to touch their innermost emotions and trigger memories, allowing them to learn, change, and grow in accordance with the times. 
They shared their subjective experience with incense, and found that:
  1. It helped them communicate with the transcendent
  2. It purified mind and body
  3. It helped them let go unwanted thoughts and patterns
  4. It helped them stay alert
  5. It gives the feeling of having a companion in the midst of solitude
  6. It helped them see moments of peace in hectic times
  7. When it was plentiful, they never tired of it
  8. When it was scarce, they were satisfied with less
  9. It could be stored for a long time
  10. It did no harm when used daily

In a world where we are often threatened environmentally, economically and physically, incense is a simple, powerful tool to help us uncover our best selves. 

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