Resin Incense — TERMINUS
Resin Incense — TERMINUS

Resin Incense — TERMINUS

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Terminus is a special blend. Unlike most of our other resins, this one serves to help you shut down—terminate—when the time is right for an ending.

A fascinating fragrance of richly layered black copal, laced through with a whiff of funky asafetida, just enough to remind your subconscious to keep hoofing it toward brighter lands. 

We suggest using a small pinch of Terminus after any work with our other resins (a small sample of Terminus is included with all other resins, except Omnia.)

Used in practice, this blend supports:

  • Developing deeper gratitude for life's gifts
  • Replenishing the world with your education and experience
  • Ending patterns of overthinking and rumination 
  • Combatting lack of faith or destructive moods

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